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Klein ISD is committed to intentionally personalizing learning by thoughtfully addressing every student's strengths, needs, and passions as they demonstrate their
mastery of essential skills and standards.

We offer various courses, including:

  • Klein Prep course aligned to Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and Gifted & Talented courses.
  • Accelerated coursework including Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and Humanities
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Opportunities to Earn College Credit while in High School

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Below is the information about exempting an upper-level activity course from a Junior/Senior student’s GPA. Essentially, if a junior has a GPA of 5.0 or higher, exempting the class from their GPA would benefit them because a 5.0 would lower their GPA; but if their GPA is below a 5.0 they shouldn’t exempt the course because the 5.0 would improve their GPA (the same goes for Seniors if their GPA is 5.5+)—if it will benefit their GPA, the student can exempt the course for both junior and senior years. It is up to the student/parent to determine whether exempting would be in their best interest or not.

If a student decides to exempt one of the eligible courses for next year, they will need to submit the required form to their counselor before school starts in August, but they do have the option to wait until after the preliminary GPA is released in June before deciding. If a student wants to exempt the course for both Junior and Senior years, a separate form will need to be submitted each year.

First page of the PDF file: GPAExemptCoursesrevisedMarch24


Klein ISD is Triple A Academics Arts Athletics


Klein ISD is Triple A!

Klein ISD has an established an over 80-year history of excellence and innovation in education with unique pathways for EVERY student in our care to ensure learners are college, career, military, and life ready. With recognition for academics, arts, and athletics from highly-esteemed organizations, it is clear that Our Shared Vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose is a reality for EVERY student who walks through our doors.