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Christopher Garcia Named 2024 District Secondary Teacher of the Year

Christopher Garcia Named 2024 District Secondary Teacher of the Year

The Klein Multipurpose Center’s ballroom roared with excitement as Klein Cain football coach and educator Christopher Garcia took the stage to be honored as the 2024 Klein ISD District Secondary Teacher of the Year.

“Not every school has somebody like Coach Garcia, but every school should have somebody like Coach Garcia,” Klein Cain teacher Phillip Bartlette said. 

No matter who you talk to about Coach Garcia, it is clear that he leaves a lasting impression on his students and colleagues. From personalized workouts for his players to hands-on lesson plans for his classes, he is a true servant leader. 

“I am in awe of Coach Garcia’s ability to connect with his students and athletes every day; his commitment to his work is a driving force in what makes him such a phenomenal educator and coach,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “He exemplifies what it means to be a purpose-driven, student-focused leader. I am grateful for the work of educators like Coach Garcia and proud to honor him as the 2024 Secondary Teacher of the Year!”

Coach Garcia is dedicated to his students on the field and in the classroom. His unwavering support of his students, both academically and personally, makes him stand out among the rest. 

“Thank you, Dr. Jenny McGown and Klein Cain High School, for all of your unwavering support,” Coach Garcia said. “It is truly an honor to work in a district that supports and nourishes the visions of its staff in the pursuit of student success. Giving every student the promise to explore and experience different pathways and a purpose to take those experiences and make the world a better place is my life’s work. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all that you do! Reign Cain!”

In every aspect of his job, Coach Garcia displays an unmatched passion for education and excellence. He strives to consistently exceed expectations by seeking out the newest tools and opportunities to support the district’s shared vision. 

“He’s very excited to be here every day, he’s always ‘on,’ and he’s such a great teacher in the classroom,” Klein Cain student Mackenzie said.  “He’s always passionate about his work, he loves teaching, and I'm so glad I got a teacher like that.”

As an educator, Coach Garcia knows how important it is to positively impact his students, especially his student-athletes, who spend much of their time with him on the field and in the gym. 

“Coaches like Coach Garcia make it feel like everything we do is worthwhile,” Klein Cain student and football player Jabari said. He comes to practice every day with a purpose and every workout with a purpose. That, in turn, makes me as an athlete feel like I can trust this person, that he has my best interest in mind, and that I have a secure future with him.”

Whether Coach Garcia jumps right into a lesson plan or encourages and motivates his student-athletes, one thing remains the same: Everyone leaves his classroom feeling better than they did when they entered. 

“He very much knows our students by name, strength, and need in a different way,” Klein Cain Principal Lauren Marti said. “He’s working with them on strength and conditioning and then through the new pathway of Exercise Science and Kinesiology. Coach Garcia, we are so proud of you and that you are here with us at Klein Cain.”

Congratulations, Coach Garcia! We are blessed to have educators like you in our Klein Family.

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