Klein Cain HS Dress Code


  • No spaghetti straps (3 finger rule)

  • No halter tops

  • No bare midriffs


  • Leggings are permitted, however, shirts must be long enough to cover rear end and must not be see-through.

  • Nike shorts are permitted but must be long enough to reach mid-thigh. ¬†Additionally, their shirts should not completely cover their shorts.

  • No rips/tears above mid thigh showing skin, unless something underneath (tights, leggings, etc)

Additional Rules

  • Facial hair is allowed but it must remain neatly groomed

  • Hair color is allowed, as long as it is not distracting (Administrative Discretion)

  • No facial piercings

  • No tattoos

  • No hats may be worn in the building

**Additional information regarding dress code can be found in the KISD High School Student Handbook.**